Sebastián Lizarzaburu denied having invited a young man to his hotel, but she showed revealing chats | Andrea San Martin | entertainment | rmmn | PEOPLE

The model Sebastian Lizarzaburu He is in the midst of controversy after being accused of alleged infidelity to Andrea San Martín. A young woman named Alexa assured that the popular “Rock Man” proposed to go to her hotel in Cajamarca; however, he has denied the accusations.

The young Alexa Samame contacted the production of “Magaly TV, the firm” and told her version. “He started watching my stories and then he talked to me at like 3 and something in the morning. And that she was in Cajamarca and if I was here too, I told her: ‘Yes, I’m here too,’ and So he told me to go to the hotel where he was staying and I told him nothing, it happened, and nothing morepointed out the model.

Finding himself in the middle of the controversy, Sebastián Lizarzaburu responded loud and clear denying the accusationsyes According to her, she said, they only do this to spoil the relationship that she currently has with Andrea San Martín.

“It’s fucking uncle that one cannot lead his life in peace and that they are looking for the wrong thing or the three feet of the cat, I don’t know her brother, I’ve never seen her in my life”, assured the popular model.

“It is not the first time that someone tries to sabotage a relationship because they see others happy”Sebastián Lizarzaburu added, remarkably uncomfortable, in response to the production of the program hosted by Magaly Medina.

Although Sebastián Lizarzaburu came forward to defend himself, Andrea San Martín has so far avoided commenting on the accusations against his current partner.


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