Sebastián Rulli strips off his clothes, thus zebra his 47

To celebrate his 47th birthday Sebastian Rulli He decided to take off his clothes and thank the happiness of having a full and healthy life, creating a great fuss with everything he left in sight.

With a series of photographs, the Argentine actor showed that he is in the best stage of his life. his pretty girlfriend Angelique Boyer He confirms it, because he quickly reacted to the photos that his lover shared through his official Instagram account.

Let us remember that for several years Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli have had a love relationship, which was exposed within the artistic medium, since they fell in love after having participated as protagonists in a soap opera.

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Celebrities have proven to be one of the strongest couples in the world of entertainment and to date they have a stable and beautiful relationship that they share through their social networks.

This time the protagonist of Mexican soap operas He was the one who captured the eyes of all his fans after sharing a very special moment, giving away a series of unforgettable postcards in which he exposed himself like Adam in paradise.

The images have a daring touch and he only covered the essentials with his hands, hence his loyal fans sent him a large number of comments, among which the most affectionate and passionate stand out.

Sebastián Rulli strips off his clothes, thus zebra his 47. Photo: Instagram

Since its beginnings on Mexican television, the actor He proved to be one of the most focused on his figure, he has always highlighted his marked body and his muscles that attract everyone’s attention.

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With these photographs, he celebrated another year of life and caused his followers to send him messages in seconds when he saw him show off naturally. The famous is considered one of the gallants of television’s most loved and beleaguered, so this time he turned eyes on and raised the temperature with his risky style.

Life of my love!! Every year better, in every way. You deserve all the blessings, thank you for all the love you give us. And don’t pretend you could upload 10 photos, I took many. Love you! Sebastián Rulli to celebrate, wrote Angelique Boyer.

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