Sebastián Yatra delighted in a ceremony with ‘Dos oruguitas’

Sebastián Yatra took the song ‘Dos oruguitas’ to the Oscar stage this Sunday, a place where you never imagined you could be.

Before the presentation, Yatra, like other Colombians, went through the red carpet and announced that he was going to interpret it “with a lot of love, with a lot of respect and with a lot of pride to be the representative of Colombia and Spanish speaking.

Yatra assured that “energetically” he felt Colombia behind himalthough he has had his cell phone turned off for two days, because he wants to be “really here, present, connected, enjoy the moment here and now.

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Seconds after Sebastián Yatra finished his presentation, it was announced that ‘Encanto’ was the winner for ‘Best Animated Film’, beating ‘Luca’, ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’, among others.

Yatra said that at the Oscar ceremony “there is a lot of fulfillment, but they also let you be and let you flow” and everything is done “with so much love and so much passionwhich is why they achieve these types of presentations, that is why the magic of cinema, because the number one component is love for these projects.