Sebastián Yatra received Peruvian influencers at his home in Mexico: Who were the ones who were with him? Mexico Mateo Garrido Lecca Cholo Mena Celebs RMMN | SHOWS

A joke that began in a radio booth took four Peruvian influencers to Mexico, who fulfilled the dream of meeting and living experiences with the Colombian singer. Sebastian Yatra.

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The story began on March 7, when ‘El Cholo’ Mena told Mateo Garrido Lecca that Yatra saw his stories on Instagram and They took advantage of their ‘friend’ to ask him to lend them his house for a reunion with their paws.

Shortly after, Mena posted a tweet making the request and tagging the Colombian artist. In addition, he asked his listeners to support him by making the publication viral with the HT #YatraPréstameTuCasa.

Immediately, Hundreds of tweeters supported his plan and made it a trend. The impact of the message was so great that it caught the attention of Pilsen Callao, and the brand responded by offering to provide the drinks if they got the house.

But that was not all, since the beer company fulfilled the dream of influencers: sent Mena a tweet letting her know they got the house, and they tagged Yatra to confirm the news.

The next morning, while ‘El Cholo’ and Mateo were live on their usual radio show, the Tacones Rojos interpreter responded to Pilsen Callao’s tweet, inviting the announcers and their friends to visit him in the Aztec country.

The artist’s response shook Twitter and within a few hours his name became a trend in our country. A few days later the adventure began: ‘El Cholo’ Mena, Mateo Garrido Lecca, Ale Carrasco and ‘Franda’ flew to Mexico.

Sebastián Yatra received them in a comfortable and pleasant place that he managed to accommodate his Peruvian guests. Laughter, games, music and lots of beer accompanied this unforgettable moment.

“It was an out of this world experience! Knowing Sebastián Yatra and thinking that everything was born from a joke of friends during one of our radio programs, where they talked about epic reunions. There it occurred to us to write to him and he happily responded, and I have to say that thanks to Pilsen Callao we managed to fulfill a dream”admitted ‘El Cholo’.

It should be remembered that on August 19 Sebastián Yatra arrives in Peru to offer a concert as part of the Dharma Tour and if you want to win double tickets for the Meet & Greet you just have to fill in your data HERE.


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