Secret of Carmen Villalobos to have an impact figure

Colombian actress, Carmen Villalobos She is a professional in the field of acting, which is why she has established herself as one of the favorites in the middle of the show. Her followers do not stop flattering her in each of her appearances in front of the screen, because she not only manages to stand out with her talent, but also with her beauty.

That is why some doubts have arisen due to the Colombian secret to have an impact figurehas undoubtedly surprised her fans, who will surely use these methods to achieve an enviable figure, just like the actress.

Secret of Carmen Villalobos to have an impact figure. Photo: capture

One of the most attractive parts of Carmen Villalobos, without a doubt, are her buttocks, so here you can discover what are the tricks that the actress uses to show off a more than dazzling silhouette.

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The colombian has revealed that he practices sports every day, and for that he has had to rely on a discipline very hard and not to mention the constancyWell, since before dawn, that is, at approximately 4:00 am. She is now ready to activate.

“I didn’t really like training, but I took a liking to it when I started my relationship with Sebastián, who has always been very sporty. I hate doing it alone, I always have someone by my side,” the actress mentioned.

One of the infallible exercises of Carmen Villalobos, without a doubt is the call donkey kickthat is to say, get on all fours, hands open and raise one of the legs as high as possible.

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The other consists of a bridge butt, that is, lie on your back, then bend your knees, and separate them to the width of the hips. With her back fully supported and her arms well supported, she raises her hips.

Finally there are the exercises with the elastic bandit can be a squat that is one of the best exercises, and with the band, that way of exercising will have even better results.

Secret of Carmen Villalobos to have an impact figure. Photo: capture

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