Secret Story: An emblematic candidate is already pregnant with her second child

Passionate about cinema, photography and outdoor sports, Perrine first found herself in the world of people by pure chance. Curious by nature, she quickly found a keen interest in this universe where something is always happening. No need to run away from her, you won’t be able to hide anything from her!

Surprise ! This December 24, 2022, Christmas Day, this candidate made a major announcement to her subscribers. Indeed, the former star of “Secret Story” has revealed that she is pregnant with her second child.

Since its passage in the sixth season of Secret Story in 2012, Audrey Mazens is more discreet. Very active on social networks, however, the former reality TV star does not hesitate to share his family moments with his subscribers. On December 24, 2022, when she was celebrating Christmas like many, the young woman took over her Instagram account to announce her second pregnancy.

More than a year after the birth of her first child, a little girl named Lumi, Audrey Mazens is about to give birth a second time. If the young woman is still unaware of the sex of this baby to come, she still wanted to announce the good news to her 11,600 subscribers. To make this announcement, the pretty brunette took advantage of Christmas and its excitement. “CHRISTMAS SURPRISE! After three months of keeping this little secret, we are happy to announce that baby 2 is scheduled for July 2023! We wish you a Merry Christmas. lots of love“, she captioned her post. In the photo, we can see her in the company of her first daughter and her husband André. Radiant, the dad holds an ultrasound in his left hand.

It was in January 2021 that Audrey formalized her first pregnancy, which was unexpected to say the least. But soon, things had gone wrong. Forced to remain bedridden (because suffering from lacomme syndrome) to preserve her health and that of her baby, the former reality TV candidate had not lived particularly well during these nine months of gestation. To her great despair, she had even been forced to cancel her wedding, just three weeks before the long-awaited ceremony. The two lovebirds then had to postpone the ceremony for a few weeks and were finally married in the strictest privacy, without guests and without festivities.

On July 22, 2021, the young woman had finally given birth to her daughter, by cesarean section. “This is Lumi, (pronounced Loumi which means ‘sparkling snow’). She was born yesterday at 1:21 p.m. and weighs 2,560 kilos. We haven’t decided whether or not to post a picture of Lumi yet. We will consult over the next few days.“, she explained then on Instagram. Since then, the young woman regularly shows the face of her wonder.

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