secrets about the “age difference” and their “big house on the prairie”

Francky Vincent and Aziza, his companion of 21 years his junior, spoke about their relationship and their meeting, during an interview in their house in Picardy, with the Parisian …

Francky Vincent, who was recently named Chevalier des arts et des lettres, opened the doors of his home, his “beautiful 20th century bourgeois house“to our colleagues from Parisian, this December 25. The 66-year-old singer took the opportunity to confide in his love story with his young companion, Aziza, 21 years his junior.

Their meeting was not love at first sight

At first, nothing seemed to bring together the West Indian singer and the one who would become his sweetheart. “I was in the middle of a divorce, I didn’t have the head for that. And then you will laugh, but I didn’t know him“, tells Aziza to our colleagues from Parisian. When she met Francky Vincent, she therefore had no “heart stroke“. The 44-year-old Franco-Moroccan businesswoman simply admits: “In my parties, we played American music, not Francky Vincent”. Moreover, she specifies that “the age difference was initially prohibitive. But fate ended up uniting these lovebirds…

Aziza owns a luxury real estate and events agency and it was during one of her parties that the couple met. “An event that I organized in Paris and in which he sang“, she explains. Their relationship is slowly building. The seduction lasted six months (..) The first night he made me a two-person flirting tactic balls, taking a picture of us and wanting to send it to me. I gave him my work number“, she adds.

“Be careful, he’s a seducer”, Aziza warns about Francky Vincent

The singer does not despair, on the contrary, he continues to try his luck with Aziza. “He invited me several times to lunch, I said no, he really insisted, she remembers, I said to myself: He gives up nothing“. The businesswoman confides that she has been “informed“. He was told: “Be careful, he’s a seducer“. But she replied at the time: “No risk, it’s not my style. Despite everything, she decides to taketime to meet him“and there, everything changes,I realized that, behind the character, Franck Joseph Vincent is someone good, wholedelivers the companion of the singer.

A statement confirmed by the 66-year-old interpreter: “I fundamentally love people, it’s in my genes. Before singing sex, I sing the joy of living, the party, the pleasure, the table, love… I think it comes from my father, who was an epicurean and loved sex“.

Five years of love and a “house on the prairie”

Since then, the lovers have put down their suitcases in Picardy, in a “huge and beautiful bourgeois house“. It’s the house on the prairie… But not the little one, the big oneexplains Francky Vincent. And why did you settle in this particular place? The singer responds frankly: “I go with the wind, with the heart, it’s the person I love who takes me“.