See what Fernanda Guzmán looks like at 53

It was the year 1998 when he landed on the Mexican small screen dreamersa successful youth soap opera that completely monopolized the taste of the audiences of the time.

The emblematic melodrama followed the lives of various characters who were interrelated in the story. Among them was the endearing adult protagonist of the plot, Fernanda Guzman.

Inside the teledrama Televisacompleted in 1999, Fernanda is a noble and talented psychologist which is dedicated to the rehabilitation of young drug addicts in a clinic.

Your quiet life ends when Eugene de la Penaa much older powerful drug lord, falls in love with her, becomes obsessed with making her his wife, and begins to harass her.

In order to fulfill his objective, the feared capo tries all kinds of sinister tricks. However, Fernanda’s heart beats for someone else: the handsome José Luis Dueñas.

The heartthrob is an honest writer and literature teacher at a high school.. He genuinely loves Fernandaalthough he keeps a secret about his past that complicates their idyll.

However, when love arises between Fernanda and José Luis, Eugenio will try to get rid of his rival, but there will be something that will prevent him: his daughter Jaqueline is in love with the teacher.

behind the unforgettable Fernanda the mexican was impeccable Alexandra Avalos. At that time, the actress was already a recognized star in the entertainment world of her country.

Since then, 24 years have passed in which much has happened in the life of the artist who now wears a look radically different from the one he had in the successful melodrama.

Fernanda’s change from dreamersmore than 20 years after the telenovela

Nowadays, the luminary is 53 years oldthe passage of time has been wonderful for him because he looks better than ever and continues to be present in the artistic medium.

After his leading performance in dreamersÁvalos continued unbeatable building your path as an actress and singer in all possible scenarios.

As an actress, since the last time she played Fernanda, the host has played all kinds of characters in about 11 productions for the small screen; according to imdb.

Bet on a love (2004-2005), Hope of the heart (2011-2012), May God forgive you (2015) and mexican casino (2018) are some of the projects in which he has acted on television.

On the other hand, in the cinema, the producer has also demonstrated her talent by being part of the cast of approximately four productions, such as The boxer (2018) and Marie (2021).

At the same time, the interpreter has shone in the theater in different stagings during the last 24 years, such as Don Juan Tenorio, a shared woman or Whim.

As for music, the singer-songwriter has not stopped developing her career in recent decades. from the end of dreamersHe has launched six record productions.

Likewise, he has released compilation albums and recorded live; he has sung songs for the soundtracks of several projects and He hasn’t stopped releasing singles.

His most recent album is Evolutionpublished in 2019. Meanwhile, his latest singles They are Be, love fascinate me and Nothing personalall released within the last few months.

As for her personal life, the award-winning artist is enjoying herself to the fullest her life as a single woman for several years.

In addition, it is known that she is the proud mother of a 25-year-old girl named Valentinewho is the result of his failed relationship with John Benaglio.