“See you soon”: the message that Régine left for her loved ones for her funeral

This Monday morning, Paris celebrated Régine. Died on May 1 at the age of 92, the “queen of the night” left behind a century of glory. And to believe that Régine was not going to have a little thought for her loved ones in mourning, it would have been to misunderstand her. Famous for her outspokenness and her unconditional love of the party, here is the message she put in her funeral booklet. “Before the curtain falls on all these beautiful years shared with you, my family and my loved ones are going to tell you a few words about me… We are going to sing some of my songs together. So, it will be time to pick up the disco balls and to remind you that I’ve lived a thousand lives with you. I only take away the best! See you soon.”

Tributes during the ceremony

During the ceremony organized at Père-Lachaise, some celebrities spoke. Among them, Jane Birkin. It was at Régine that the singer of British origin had met Serge Gainsbourg. “Thank you for having opened your arms to the newcomer to Paris that I was. Thank you for this humor and this generosity which were yours. Thank you for your hoarse voice, this marvel of voice. Thank you for having existed, marvelous Régine “she said.

Musical director of the Radio France group, Didier Varrod also spoke. “You told me that you liked the idea of ​​belonging to everyone (…) Gamine from Paris and Belleville, you brought light to a popular Paris. Hat off to Régine!”greeted Didier Varrod. “In the evening of your life, only the song counted. You who slept only three hours a night, today we let you sleep the sleep of eternity, promising you to continue to make your songs come alive with feathers of the Great Zoa.”

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/-a-tout-de-suite-le-message-que-regine-a-laisse-a-ses-proches-pour-ses-obseques-1375266.aspx