Seer predicted Alfredo Adame’s accident and warns him that he could fall into the hospital

the accident he had Alfredo Adame on his motorcycle and that put him in danger (he was under a pipe that was about to run over him) is a warning sign.

La Güera de las Estrellas, seer and astrologer who predicted on TVyNovelas the breakup of Christian Nodal and Belinda, also had the vision that Adame would have these health problems.

A couple of weeks ago, the Güera de las Estrellas laid out the cards for Alfredo and saw that there was an accident in his future, a prediction that was fulfilled this weekend when the actor, on his way to Cuernavaca, was trapped between a car and a pipe, which, when moving, hit the motorcycle and caused Adame to be dragged.

With this accident, the seer’s prediction was fulfilled, but that is not all she saw in Alfredo’s future. The seer also recommends the actor to take care of him to prevent his health from deteriorating until he ends up in the hospital.

“In health, you must be careful with your temperament and your nerves because although you are strong, there may be the case of an illness in which the stomach is involved, where you may have to resort to medical treatment or even hospitalization.”

This aspect is the one that worries the most in the future of Adame. “And everything is caused by courage, Alfredo, don’t be angry”, recommends the seer.

The prediction even indicates that, although it will be a temporary problem, it will also be delicate. “The kidneys are also going to give him a can; there you have to be careful because it can get complicated and generate a major problem, ”says the Güera of the stars.