Selah Sue: her rare secrets about Joachim Saerens, the man of her life

Selah Sue confided in the columns of Public on March 25. The opportunity for her to confide in Joachim Saerens, who has shared her life for several years.

After a long, well-deserved absence, it was in May 2020 that Selah Sue made her comeback to the front of the French scene. She had performed on the Grand échiquier program and had revealed that she had been absent since she wanted to devote herself to her family life. Today, she is determined to resume her career and returns with a new album. The opportunity for her to chain the interviews and in particular in the columns of Public this Friday, March 25. A happy mother, she shares her life with Joachim Saerens, with whom she also works. “He’s one of my pillars.” she first claimed. “We have been together for twelve years and it is essential to me both in my work and in my personal life“, she continued before discussing the career of her companion: “He is an excellent musician, a balanced and grounded man, an exceptional father. We were lucky to have found each other“Both work in Paris but have chosen to stay in Belgium.”People ask me why I don’t get a big apartment in Paris, but I love living in my countryside“, first explained Selah Sue. “I love nature, animals, calm. Besides, I live ten minutes from my parents and my sister. I wouldn’t like to be away from them“, she concluded. A daily life that delights her.

This big comeback is an opportunity for Selah Sue to confide in the past few years. In the columns of Public, the singer notably mentioned her mental health, which was not easy. “Today I am reborn. I’ve never wanted to live life to the fullest. Talking helped me a lot, being well surrounded too”, she first claimed. For several years, she suffered from a strong depression, which marked her a lot. I have always been close to my mother and, as a child, I was a real little ray of sunshine“, she remembered before adding:I was always smiling, making jokes, running around. As a teenager, everything got complicated. As things looked to be at their worst, Selah Sue continued, “I became aware of the way people looked at me, I hated my new forms and I fell into depression around 15 years old“. If she wanted to talk about her story publicly, it is in particular because she believes that it is necessary “talk about it without taboo. My two grandmothers were interned and I remember that we were going to visit them in the psychiatric hospital”, concluded the one who indicates to be “in therapy for 14 years”. Confidences without wooden language.

Selah Sue: How is she today?

Selah Sue isn’t the only one to have publicly spoken about her mental health. Recently, Stromae made his comeback with a very personal album, in which he evoked his suicidal thoughts. Today, everything seems to be going well for the two artists, but telling their story was necessary. “It is essential and it allowed me, six months ago, to stop the antidepressants that I had been taking for fourteen years.“, said Selah Sue. An initiative that has been very “difficult for me to stop the treatment. When to do it? When I was goodI was afraid it would set me back and when I felt bad, I thought it was going to be even worse“. So she had to find the right timingbut she was able to count on the support of her companion and her children.


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