Semino Rossi: Lost almost 20 kilos: He reveals his diet secret

Pop singer Semino Rossi (59) changed his appearance shortly before his 60th birthday: Instead of 103 kilos, he only weighs 85 kilos. Within a year, the native Argentinian lost an impressive 18 kilos.

“I wear my suits two sizes smaller now,” revealed the hit star of the “Bild” newspaper. He did it with intermittent fasting. “I also eat a lot of vegetables and fish, few carbohydrates,” says Rossi. And he now also omits the glass of red wine with dinner.

Semino Rossi: “Sometimes you just have to let go”

There was just more good news from Semino Rossi: After two years of separation, he reunited with his wife Gabi. The two separated in 2020 after 28 years of marriage. The relationship break worked wonders. “Sometimes you just have to let go so that you can make new decisions for each other from the freedom that has been created,” said the 59-year-old, according to “”.

In the meantime, the singer has moved back into the common house with his Gabi. He put the trailer in the garage. “Our marriage break has done me good,” said Rossi. He can now openly admit weaknesses and feels stronger than before.