Semino Rossi: Singer takes a break

Semino Rossi
Singer takes a break

Semino Rossi has canceled concerts and TV appearances.

Semino Rossi has canceled concerts and TV appearances.

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Semino Rossi withdraws from the public. The musician will refrain from concerts, interviews and TV appearances until mid-June.

Sad news for fans of Semino Rossi (59): The pop singer has announced that he is taking a break. “For health reasons, Semino Rossi will not be able to attend the upcoming live concerts, TV appearances and interview appointments as well as the associated trips in the coming weeks and will withdraw from the public until mid-June,” says a statement that on Thursday (April 21) in a Facebook post has been published. Alternative dates for upcoming concerts will be sought and communicated in good time.

Semino Rossi wants to encourage other people

“Like many other people, the current situation is a serious burden and concern for Semino Rossi as an artist and family man,” the statement continues. Two years of pandemic and the worrying social and political developments would have touched him and drained him more than the singer thought possible. Rossi made the decision to make the cause of his temporary withdrawal public “after careful consideration” in order to “encourage other people affected in comparable situations to deal with this challenge in order to be able to overcome it”.

He wants to show solidarity with all people who are just as insecure and emotionally out of balance and who shy away from the social pressure to admit this supposed weakness. There will be no personal statement from Rossi about this “brave step” and the family asks for privacy, it is finally explained.

After two years of separation and 28 years of marriage, Rossi and his wife Gabi recently found each other again. “Sometimes you just have to let go so that you can make a new decision for each other from the freedom that has been created,” he explained in March in an interview with “Bild”. Semino Rossi’s new album “Today I have time for you” was released on March 18th.

On May 29, the singer celebrates his 60th birthday. In an interview with spot on news in March, he explained: “I realize that time is gradually becoming more and more precious. Not because you don’t have that much time after a certain age. You realize that it is irretrievable and you pay more attention to life .” When asked about his wishes for his special day, he said: “Only health. And that I no longer have to read the news about war, violence and natural disasters in the morning.”