Senta Berger relies on her family for Easter

Munich (dpa) – In view of the bad news about the war from Ukraine, the actress Senta Berger hopes for an Easter celebration with her loved ones.

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“Maybe in the midst of these terrible events we can stick to some family traditions and hide little Easter nests in our garden for the children and their friends,” she told the German Press Agency in Munich. “Perhaps, despite everything, we can look to the future with confidence and sit at an Easter table whose most beautiful decoration is the self-painted eggs of our grandchildren.”

The 80-year-old and her husband Michael Verhoeven have two sons and grandchildren. She can currently be seen in the cinema as the voice of the teacher Madame Hermine in the animated film “Die Häschenschule – Der Große Eierklau”.

The film describes how the students foil a nasty plan by the foxes and want to save Easter. It is loosely based on a 1924 picture book by Albert Sixtus and Fritz Koch-Gotha, in which rabbit children learn to be good and not to step out of line.

Berger knows the classic from her childhood: “I took over the book ‘Die Häschenschule’ from my older cousin quite tattered”. It meant a lot to her back then, even if she didn’t really understand the stories. “They are actually pretty terrible. Making big, docile rabbits out of funny little bunnies – docile members of a docile society. But Fritz Koch-Gotha’s illustrations are simply brilliant and have shaped our tender image of the Easter bunny to this day.”