Separation for Sam Breton –

Sam Breton announces very sad news on this Tuesday morning. He separates from his girlfriend, Myranie, whom he knew when he was studying at the School of Humor. She works in the health sector.

He addresses his followers on social media. ” We will say what we want, no matter who we are or where we come from, no one escapes certain challenges that life sends us.

Some time ago, my girlfriend and I decided to take the road to our future separately. Friendship regained our hearts and it was with a nasty big trip of good memories, laughter and tenderness that we each went our own way.

She is an exceptional woman to whom I will give 80% of my salary for the next ten years. (Yes, she’s the one who added that joke and I’m leaving it there because as a couple or not, we’re still two happy fools),” he wrote in an Instagram story.

The comedian also announces that he will share custody of their two dogs with his ex.

We wish them a beautiful, happy continuation.

Sam Breton is still on tour with his first one-man show At peak and shovel. For all dates, it’s this way.

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