Sergio Carlo’s wife talks about his tumors and appreciates the support of the people

Gabriela “Gabby” Arriaza, wife of the Dominican communicator Sergio Carlo, published yesterday through his Instagram accounta series of videos telling his story about the “wrong” diagnosis he received and the entire recovery process of his tumors.

“I felt everyone’s love and presence and this is what helped me and my family,” Gabby said.

Arriaza says that for months began to suffer from headachesexhaustion, depression, vomiting and “feeling crazy”.

Faced with these symptoms, he decided to go to the doctor, and visited seven specialists in the countrywho diagnosed her with “stress” and medicated her with antidepressants.

Then she felt a part of her body go numb, which began to worry her.

He added that in those days he traveled to Atlanta to attend a wedding, and during the trip he was in an emergency room twice in the same week, since it was difficult for him to sleep or swallow.

In the emergency room when they saw that her breathing “was fine” they sent her home.

She requested an MRI because her symptoms were similar to a stroke, but doctors did not perform the procedure because there was no medical indication.

Sergio Carlos’s wife said that at that moment her family interceded and they sent her to Oregon where she was hospitalized and correctly diagnosed with two tumors called “hemangioblastomas”, one located at the base of the skull and the other near the right ear.

Even though the doctor indicated that if she survived the surgery she could be paralyzed, have cognitive difficulties or would need a permanent feeding solution, they continued with the procedure.

The intervention was scheduled to take eight hours and concluded in two, removal was successful as well as his recovery.

“The tumor removal was miraculous, my recovery was miraculous, my will to live, determination and pain tolerance was miraculous,” Gabby said in the video.

He was fed through a tube for eight days and he spent four days on a respirator.

Arriaza states that the doctors, nurses, and students were unable to explain what had happened and referred to this as “the miracle of the woman in intensive care, room 17.”

Only the tumor in his skull was removed. and the second will be removed with targeted radiotherapy in March of next year.

In the video, she urged those listening to her not to ignore or downplay anyone experiencing similar symptoms and to help get tested to get the correct diagnosis.

Video ended thanking the doctors, students, nurses and specialist for helping her in her recoveryas well as his family for their support.

“No person is an island, we all need a little help from time to time and I will always be grateful to my family who stepped in when I needed it most. Miracles do exist, I am the living proof of them, ”she pointed out.