Sergio Galarza: Preaching by example, the best advice for children

He was face to face with the best strikers in the world. With his gloves and his confidence managed to stop the glittering soccer stars. On the pitch, Ronaldinho and Messi suffered because of his personality. Sergio Galarzaidol on the field, he fights daily only with three teenagers for

not get hit. At home, indoors, the captain’s headband does not condition. there he touches wash, cook and take care of his family.

They form a team capable of facing the most unexpected
adventure. At the forefront, a leader forged in thousands of football battlestry to instill the responsibilities that life entails.

The former goalkeeper and sports director of Oriente Petrolero, Sergio Daniel Galarza Soliz (46), he is not only the father of Sergio Daniel (17) and of the twins Maria Claus (16) and Stephen (16). On a daily basis, he performs “functions” as a friend, coach and referee to maintain unity within the family.

“I try to be more friend and earn your trust for me count your things”. Among the infinity of roles that he plays, the former captain of the Bolivian national team prefers to weave a relationship based on dialogue and communication. complicity with his children is entrenched in rules clear that “we must all comply”. One of them maybe the main one consists in respecting schedules and meetings relatives.

The closeness with his family allows him to face any type
of situation that occurs. “I have tried to instill in them the values
necessary so that they know how to differentiate what is good and also when to say no”.

Risks, like in football, can mark the frontier of success. For this reason, “it is vital that they know how to make decisions and
recognize the responsibilities”, sentence.

be an example in life
He spent many years ordering defenses and accompanying young goalkeepers. His sports advice has straightened the course of many players who saw him as an example to follow.

However, he confesses that he is not a great adviser when it comes to
try to guide your children. “I like to lead by example,” she reveals.

Sergio tries to share many moments with the boys.
For now, the three meet in school and studies They occupy a good part of their day.

Therefore, organize activities that allow them to meet as a family.

Unity is the key
Lunch is part of those moments in which everyone must meet. There are no excuses, except the trips for his work accompanying Oriente Petrolero.

Around the table he exchanges the moments lived in the
day or the desires that inspire each one. “Maria Noel likes cooking, likes to undertake. We give you our support and share ideas to boost your projects”, he explains.

The goals that are proposed are part of those conversations that arise in moments of intimacy. “I am open for them to do what makes them happy. I will always be with them, ”she asserts.

As a professional player he began very young to defend the goal of Royal Santa Cruz. Now dump your experience with
her children, whom she encourages to take risks to achieve
their dreams. “If they don’t take risks, they’re not wrong,” she replies.

With the two men, Sergio Daniel and Esteban, the conversation is more monotonous. Soccer is the shared passion. Both of them
They are part of the lower divisions of the East and find in their father something more than an example in sports.

As a father, Sergio highlights the value of unity in facing
life as a family. “The hardest moments that can
happen, the health problems that may arise, we have
overcome by keeping us together. The union makes us emerge stronger from these situations.”

The complement of the unit, he affirms, is sustained in the independence that each of their children has acquired. “They have their way of being, they are different, and for that, there comes a time when we need each other, we complement each other.” That is the basis of a nucleus that has woven intense bonds of union between them.

He is reluctant to offer advice for parents in
Your day. Not his style, she says. Still highly recommend dialogue and communication, loaded with love

Photo: Pablo Manzoni