Sergio Galliani dedicates an emotional message to his daughter for her wedding: “I love you always” | entertainment-celebs-peru-marriage | SHOWS

the peruvian actor Sergio Galliani He dedicated a sensitive message to his daughter Rafaella Galliani after getting married on January 7.

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Through his Instagram account, the former actor of “Al Fondo Hay Sitio” shared photos of how the young woman’s special ceremony was. In the images, her bride is wearing white, while her bridesmaids accompany her in lilac dresses.

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In his dedication, the artist was excited about the important day and expressed his best wishes. “Fly high my girl, as always intelligent, beautiful in all your ways…in good times and in bad times my girl flies high, in your new life and always with the light of your innocent girl’s smile…You I always love,” Galliani wrote.

Sergio Galliani denounces that they installed an elevator motor in front of his house in Punta Hermosa

“A few years ago we came here with the family to enjoy nature and to have this beautiful view of the sea. Unfortunately, today I open my door to see my beautiful sunset in Punta Hermosa every day and I find this elevator motor”, express.

Likewise, the remembered actor of “Al fondo hay sitio” explained that the situation affects him on a personal and also economic level.

“I am not a person who likes to get into trouble (…) But, I do not like injustice and I have endured, I have endured. This property that you see, is my house, this is my business, and somehow this gives me income, I also rent it, it is an income for me, but I am not going to rent this apartment with that elevator there ”, added.