Sergio Lizarraga from Banda MS makes a luxurious wedding in Los Cabos

Sergio Lizarraga, leader of the MS band, surprised on social networks by making a luxurious celebration from Los Cabos San Lucas, to celebrate the 25 years he has been with his wife, Judith Osuna, however, they went over him by showing that they did not take care of themselves and in full Covid wave.

And it is that after 25 years of marriage To celebrate, the Lizárraga Osuna family decided to do it big where, in addition to the wedding, four days of festivities were scheduled and their children, Brianda Lizarraga, Queen of the Floral Games of the Carnival of Mazatlan 2020 and his brother Sergio Lizarraga Osuna, leader of the Escape Plan Band, took charge of documenting everything.

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It was through social networks that a series of videos and images began to circulate where this Tuesday, January 18, they had a luxurious silver wedding for their 25 years together Sergio Lizarraga and his wife Judith Osuna, where with words full of love they showed that despite adversity they have managed to maintain a beautiful relationship in addition to having two children whom they love dearly.

Owner of Banda MS makes a luxurious wedding in Los Cabos in the middle of the Covid wave. Photo: Capture

In addition to having thrown the house out the window, they had luxury guests because among them they stood out Natalia Jimenez, Alan Ramirez Y Walo Silvas vocalists of Banda MS, Eden Munoz, Horacio Palencia, among others.

while his daughter Brianda Lizarraga He was in charge of saying strong words before the renewal of vows of his parents that immediately moved those present: “She’s the one who keeps my dad’s world in order.”

Owner of Banda MS makes a luxurious wedding in Los Cabos in the middle of the Covid wave. Photo: Capture

One of those who were in charge of entertaining the event and who surprised by arriving alone was precisely Edén Muñoz of Caliber 50, however, he was Horace Palencia who through his Instagram account was in charge of congratulating him for embarking on a new path but now he alone without the group.

However, since the ceremony on the beach and then the luxurious party, no one paid attention to the recommendations to avoid contagion, after having entered the fourth wave of Covid in Mexico, so they left them on social networks above for risking further spreading the virus.

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