Sergio Peña minimizes the relationship he had with Tepha Loza: “I have been single since I have not been with my daughter’s mother” | farandula-celebs-peru-valery revello-instagram | SHOWS

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Sergio Pena He would have minimized the relationship he had with Tepha Loza in a recent Instagram post, who now has an affair with businessman Mario Neumann.

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Through his social networks, Sergio Peña answered some of the questions that his fans asked in the “Questions and answers” dynamic in the stories of the social platform where they asked him about his sentimental situation. According to the soccer player’s response, he implied that he did not have a serious affair with Tepha Loza.

You are single?”, Sergio Peña was asked exactly and he answered emphatically: “Since I’m not with my daughter’s mom”.

This response from the athlete would be interpreted as a clear hint for Tepha Loza, since according to what Peña hinted at on his Instagram, his last serious relationship was with Valery Revello, the mother of his daughter.

This response sparked controversy on social networks, as Sergio Peña would have forgotten his fleeting relationship with Tepha Loza, during the last stage of the qualifiers and subsequent playoffs of the Peruvian National Team towards Qatar 2022.