Sergio Sepúlveda could not enter the funeral of Fernando del Solar after a ban

There is no doubt that the death of Fernando del Solar continues to cause great commotion in the Mexican entertainment world, and now new details have come out about the wake that have caused great controversy on social networks.

And it is that last weekend, the remains of the Argentine driver were fired by his mother, widow, children and close friends. Between songs and anecdotes, Del Solar received the well-deserved tribute from him.

“A very beautiful mass, very strange, because it was not of a specific religion but full of light, incense, songs as he would have wanted, with everything that Fer would have liked”commented one of his best friends, Rodrigo Cachero.

However, because Del Solar’s family made the decision to hold a completely private wake, Gustavo Adolfo Infante revealed on his YouTube channel, Fernando’s assistant would have prevented the entry of one of the drivers of “Venga la Alegría” .

“They were saying that at the wake of Mr. Fernando del Solar, the manager made the decision of who entered and who did not enter… That many people were not allowed to enter, that Sepúlveda, a man named Sergio Sepúlveda and who is from Azteca that didn’t let him in… maybe they liked him, right?”, Gustavo commented to his partner Jessica Gil Porras.