Seriecita, this is how Ángela Aguilar appears and unleashes reactions

The famous Mexican regional music singer appeared and gave an interview to an American media outlet, where she was seen very calm and with a quite appropriate smile, which gave a lot to talk about.

Angela Aguilar She is one of the most successful exponents of ranchera music in recent times and every time she appears she manages to become the sensation of the moment, she has a very peculiar style to interpret the most popular music in Mexico.

This time the young lady turned on the spotlights againafter starring in a scandal over some photographs that were leaked, in which she appears next to her former boyfriend, the composer Gussy Lau, with whom she plays kissing.

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After these publications, the Youtuber also made a video in which she assured that she felt violated and invaded her privacy, since those images came to light without her consent, hence everyone they blame the 33-year-old composer from Sinaloa for what happened when exposing the personal life of the singer.

For sure his latest statements caused a stir, left much to be desired and immediately they sent her a large number of messages, everyone expected that the young woman would speak for the program “Despierta América”, which is an American morning that gave her the confidence to appear again in the public eye.

Remember that just a few days ago Angela Aguilar He was on vacation with his whole family. Pepe Aguilar showed her support and probably the rest days came like a glove for her, since she was able to distract herself and concentrate on work, which is the only thing she is focused on.

The Princess of the Mexican Regional in this recording makes it clear that she is maturing and that she is more self-confident, so she should be more careful in how she deals with the media, since she did not answer any questions on the controversial subject.

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Antonio Aguilar’s granddaughter alone he dedicated himself to saying that he was feeling better and enjoying life, concentrating on acting projects in series and soap operas, where he will undoubtedly surprise with his talent.

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