Serkan Yavuz has severe corona disease behind him

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Serkan Yavuz has severe corona disease behind him
On the way to a hair transplant: Serkan Yavuz “half scraping” because of Corona © Instagram Serkan Yavuz

Bad Corona course! Serkan Yavuz revealed he was “halfway to the bone” because of the virus. The celebrity has since recovered from the disease.

Munich – Ex-“Bachelorette” candidate Serkan Yavuz (28) suffered from a particularly bad corona course! The celebrity is currently expecting her first baby together with his girlfriend Samira Klampfl (28) and was on his way to a hair transplant in Essen, where he was “seized” by the corona virus.

The TV personality now spoke in an interview with “Bild” about his infection with the corona virus. He shared: “I was supposed to have a hair transplant last week. I put this off for a year because I wasn’t sure if I really should do it or not. That’s not a trip to the dentist, it’s a real procedure. I have a lot of respect for that. But when I made my way to my doctor in Essen, Corona grabbed me.” The former “Celebrity Separated” candidate added that he was “hellish[n] and inhuman[n] Pain” went so bad that he was “half scratching it off”. “I was half scraping it, a nightmare. A friend brought me paracetamol to the hotel, that saved me,” he said.

Serkan Yavuz was “half scraping” because of Corona

He then canceled the beauty procedure the next morning and drove to a friend in his hometown of Regensburg with his “last strength”. He initially did not want to call his girlfriend because she is currently pregnant with their first child together. “I was with my friend for two days, then I’m home and Samira to Munich,” revealed the star. It took a few days, but he’s feeling much better now.