Severin Freund: Ski jumper would like to enjoy time with family

Severin Freund
Ski jumper wants to enjoy time with family

Severin Freund after the last jump in his career.

Severin Freund after the last jump in his career.

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Ski jumping Olympic champion Severin Freund has ended his sporting career. He wants to spend time with his loved ones first.

One last jump and then it was over, the long sporting career of Severin Freund (33). After around 18 years in the national squad of the German Ski Association (DSV), the overall World Cup winner and ski jumping Olympic champion is retiring.

At ski flying in Planica Freund thanked his fans after a last flight over 215 meters. “Thank you so much for all these years”, the athlete turned towards the camera. Previously, he had held up a ski with the inscription “Thank you”.

The plan for the coming months

“In any case” he had in mind up on the hill that this was the last flight of his career, confirmed friend in the first. During this there were “incredibly beautiful moments” for which he was grateful. Freund is now planning to “take a deep breath and enjoy the time with the family” for the coming months. This includes his wife Caren and the couple’s daughter, who was born at the end of 2018.

After that, Freund wants to think about “what you want to do in the future, what you can imagine that you’ll be really happy with” and where he could find a fulfilling job. At the moment he doesn’t know that. Freund was “100 percent an athlete” “and now a new chapter will come”. If this chapter was also about sport, then that would be “very, very nice” for him.