Sex, Shame and Tears 2: Son of ‘Tomas’ will solve the mystery of his death on HBO Max

Mexico.- In the premiere film “Sex, Shame and Tears 2”, the son of ‘Thomas‘, the character he played Demian Bichir 23 years ago, will solve the mystery of his death in hbo max.

The streaming platform announced on its social networks that the sequel to “Sex, Shame and Tears” can be seen from the next february 4 as part of your catalog.

“Sex, Shame and Tears 2” already has a release date./ Photo: Instagram

“Sex, Shame and Tears 2” was directed by Alonso Iniguez and the protagonists who will return with their same characters after two decades are: Susana Zabaleta, Monica Dionne, Jorge Salinas, Cecilia Suarez and Hugo Martin.

And who will integrate the new cast of the sequel are: Naian G. Norvind, José Ángel Bichir, Ximena Romo, Paco Rueda and Vico Volkova, the first trans to appear on a cover of the playboy magazine.

José Ángel Bichir, son of Odiseo Bichir, acts in “Sex, Shame and Tears 2”./ Photo: Instagram

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They resume the death of ‘Tomas’

In the advance of “Sex, Shame and Tears 2” who published hbo max on your channel Youtube and on their official social networks, you can see Matthew, the son of the character from ‘Tomas’, who will revive when his father took his own life in the elevator of a building, implying that in his death, there is still an unsolved mystery.

“The three of them were there and none of them did anything,” says Mateo. In addition, the children of the protagonists begin to relate, which causes some problems. “The way of loving does not run through the blood we inherit, it is rewritten every day,” indicates the official description.

In one of the scenes you see Mary, who is played by Monica Dionne, throwing himself out the window, although it is not clear if he takes his own life, but he asks his friends to tell the truth about what happened years ago.

Next, watch the official trailer for “Sex, Shame and Tears” and save the date, its premiere will be February 4 on HBO Max.

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revolutionized the nineties

“Sex, Shame and Tears” It premiered in theaters in 1999 and at that time it meant a revolution due to its theme.

The film is based on the play of the same name, written by Anthony Serrano.

The official synopsis says that “Tomás returns to Mexico after a seven-year trip around the world to visit his friends Carlos and Ana, a married couple who are going through problems in their relationship.”

The poster of the first film of “Sex, Shame and Tears”./ Photo: Special

“Sex, Shame and Tears” had a collection of 115 million pesos, becoming the third highest grossing in Mexico.

In addition, he gave the singer-songwriter aleks sintek, one of his biggest hits, with the song “Sexo, Pudor y Lágrimas”.

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