Sexism scandal in Colombia: J Balvin keeps women on a leash

The Colombian singer J Balvin (36) released his song “Perra” (in German: bitch) at the beginning of September. J Balvin is one of the most successful interpreters of Latin Pop, but the video clip for «Perra» has now given him a real shit storm. Even the Colombian government speaks out!

The music video shows how the reggaeton star leads two women like dogs on a leash. In addition, the singer Tokischa (25), who can also be heard on the track, is housed in a dog house and eats muesli from a bowl. The fans don’t approve of that at all. “I like reggaeton, but I think that there should be a limit even with such topics,” writes one listener under the video and continues: “Everything is completely wrong here.” And one user thinks: “Fatal, this is the lowest level. What is J Balvin and his team going through their heads when they come up with a track like this? »

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