Sexism scandal: is RTL firing Bohlen now?

Dieter Bohlen causes a tangible sexism scandal in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”.

The 20th season of DSDS is just two weeks old and there is already the first tangible scandal. In the program, which will be broadcast on Wednesday (January 25, 2023), Dieter Bohlen attacks the candidate Jill Lange: “Did you do anything normal? Or did you just graduate and let yourself be noodled through?”

The 22-year-old reacted deeply to the sexist words and showed herself in a reaction video on Instagram with a tear-stained face. “Dieter insulted me,” complains Lange.

Jill Lange Dieter Bohlen

RTL defends planks

Despite the sexism scandal, RTL continues to stand by the controversial juror. Compared to “Bild”, the broadcaster said: “In the context of the discussion about Jill’s dating show experiences, we saw no reason to cut the dialogue from the show. Jill could have left the competition at any time if she felt unfairly treated – but she didn’t.” The program, which was recorded months ago, will be broadcast as planned – the Bohlen scandal should probably ensure a record quota.

Candidate took part in dome shows

The background to Bohlen’s Sager: Jill Lange is no stranger to TV – she took part in matchmaking shows like “Ex on the Beach” on RTL. In the scene in question, when asked by Bohlen why she was involved, she says: “Well, I graduated from high school and then I thought: ‘What are you doing now?’ I wanted (…) to have adventures.”

Bohlen then unpacked his sexist through noodle saying. Long answered: “Everyone can do what he wants!” Bohlen, in turn, says he doesn’t watch “such junk”.