Shakira and Clara Chía could see each other face to face on Sasha Piqué’s birthday

Once again the complex relationship that Shakira and the ex-soccer player now have is back in the news after it became known that the Barranquillera could meet her ex-partner’s girlfriend.

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According to Europa Press, last Sunday lThe interpreter of ‘I congratulate you’ celebrated the birthday of his eldest son Milan at his mansion in Esplugues de Llobregat, in the midst of a festive atmosphere, with numerous fans of the Colombian at the doors of her residence chanting her greatest hits and singing “happy birthday” to the child.

Now, it is Sasha, the youngest son of the Colombian and the Spanish, who is having a birthday, and her party is charged with tension because Clara Chía could attend.

Shakira and Clara Chía could see each other face to face

According to the Catalan newspaper El Nacional, Gerard Piqué requested to organize his second son’s birthday, and Shakira could not refuseso they speculate that the businessman’s girlfriend could attend the celebration.

“Culé organizes the party at his home, the girlfriend will be there and the Colombian has to ring the bell to enter. This is how they now live the relationship with their children: by turns and asking for permission, ”reviewed the media outlet.

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In fact, Piqué and Chía were seen together on Friday in a famous shopping center in Barcelona buying some gifts for the boy. According to some witnesses, the couple bought several gifts for Sasha, including video games, and many of those details would have been chosen by the young student.