Shakira and her publication after a photo of Piqué with Clara Chía

Shakira and her controversial publication after a photo of Piqué and Clara Chía. Instagram Special

A wolf is not for guys like you, as Shakira said, who a few minutes ago began to release different videos of the success that her song with Bizzarapwith which she rubs Piqué that she actually invoices.

Through various stories on social networks, Shakira shared that to this day her song reached 200 million viewsmaking it a huge hit, even words fall short because it’s already a world anthem.

And I say that it is a world anthem because Bizzarap shared some videos of different users dancing to the song in the hip hop style as the Colombian did days beforeexecuting impressive steps, which makes his impact even stronger to admire Shakira’s talent.

And well, if we talk about impact, these stories are just a small taste for Piqué, since it is obviously rubbing him that as soon as he becomes a world topic in the worst ways, she does it by being more successful and billing.

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The phrase of the song that these fans of Shakira and Bizzarap dance to is one of the strongest and most direct for the soccer player, “This is so that I mortify you, chew, swallow, swallow, chew, I won’t come back to you anymore or cry or beg me, I understood that it’s not my fault that you criticize”

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Shakira’s dancing video causes an impact

Some days ago Shakira shared a video in which she is performing the official choreography From this fragment of her song, which received much applause from several followers, they congratulated her for making this impressive single.

They even highlighted that it is already a song that plays in all the clubs, so Clara Chia it will not be able to go out, and now even less, with these videos that we saw a few hours ago, everything indicates that this choreography will be everywhere for at least several days.

Shakira and her controversial publication after a photo of Piqué and Clara Chía. Instagram Special

So far it is all that has emerged after the controversial photo of Piqué with Clara Chíabut surely in the course of the hours there will be more news, the obvious footballer did not expect this reaction from the Colombian.

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