Shakira and Karol G join forces against Piqué?

The Colombian stars clear up rumors about a new song dedicated to the former soccer player and whether it would be released on his next birthday.

Shakira and Karol G will soon launch a joint song, the first that unites these two Colombians musically, sources from the Sony Music company confirmed to the EFE agency, who specified that it will not see the light of day on February 2, the birthday of the artist from Barranquilla.

Some media had pointed out this day as the day chosen for its launch because it also coincided with the birthday of his ex-partner, the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, who had become the inspiration for his latest songs as a result of his breakup.

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In fact, the new track, whose title has not yet been revealed, will come after the great media uproar caused by his latest song, “Music Sessions #53” together with the Argentine producer Bizarrap, which in just two weeks accumulates almost 162 million reproductions on platforms such as Spotify.

“You left my mother-in-law as a neighbor / With the press at the door / and the debt at the Treasury,” Shakira sings in some controversial verses that leave little doubt as to the identity of their recipients, especially when she continues: “I only make music / I’m sorry that I splashed you”.

Previously, the Colombian artist had released the songs “I congratulate you” and “Monotonía”, recorded together with the Puerto Ricans Rauw Alejandro and Ozuna, respectively, and which also included messages interpreted as direct allusions to her relationship with Piqué.

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Shakira is in a moment of commercial renaissance, as confirmed by the success of her most recent song with Bizarrap and that the aforementioned “I congratulate you” slipped in as the ninth most successful song in Spain in 2022, according to Promusicae, an association of the Spanish recording industry.

It will be “after” February 2, “nor on February 3”, when in his musical escalation he will join his voice to another of the strong values ​​of current Latin music, that of his compatriot Karol G, of whom A new album entitled “Tomorrow will be beautiful” is expected, according to these sources.