Shakira collects garbage on the beach with her children

Example to follow: Shakira collects garbage on the beach with her children. The 45-year-old Colombian singer has always promoted caring for the environment, but not only with words, but with actions to make a difference; On this occasion, she did her bit during her vacation on the beaches of Ibiza, Spain.

Just on Friday, Shakira presented her new single: “I congratulate you”, a song she performs with reggaeton singer Rauw Alejandro. And, according to the official channel of Youtube of the singer of Barranquilla, Colombiahas already been reproduced almost six million times, in addition to occupying the fifth place in trends.

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Although the singer of “Hips don’t lie” Y “Waka Waka” has captivated with this new song because he reinvented himself again, his name not only stands out for that. Recently, and within the framework of the Earth daycelebrated every April 22, was captured on the beaches of Ibiza, Spain, collecting garbage to put it in containers.

During the work, the singer-songwriter he had the help of his sons Milan and Sasha Piqué Mebarak, 9 and 7 years old, to promote caring for the environment in their education, a subject in which the Colombian has always shown interest. And she obviously she has not only done it with words, but with actions to really put a grain of sand.

For the same reason, this is not the first time that he has been seen doing this type of action, in which he always involves his family and friends. In this way, put aside the glamormagazine covers and scenarios to act for the planet and inspire other people to do the same.

In fact, Shakira has been a spokesperson for environmental movements and pro-human rights in the United Nations Organization and is the founder of the Pies descalzos association that watches over children to give them the opportunity to study and develop in a safe environment.

Last year, along with other artists and Prince William, made a call to “give the planet a chance” through the initiative Give the Earth a Shot. The same is part of the council of judges of the Earthshot Prize, which was baptized as the Nobel Prize for Nature, since the goal is to combat climate change.

In an interview, according to RPP Noticias, the singer explained that it is important act “before it is too late”, since it is a problem that concerns everyone. So “we can’t stand still, we haven’t led the way and we have to do it now”, and that’s just what she does with her actions.