Shakira dances Girl Like Me in latex leggings, and blames Piqué for everything he let go

Since his separation from the Spanish soccer player from FC Barcelona was announced, Shakira She has come out to the public with her face held high, looking gorgeous and focusing on the most important thing, which are her children and her career. In fact, the gorgeous Colombian singer proved to leave the past behind and dances Girl Like Me in latex leggings, blaming Piqué for everything he let go.

In a video shared by her own Shakira on his Instagram account, as well as the official account of NBC, the television network on which the reality show is broadcast. Dancing With Myselfwhere the interpreter of waka waka is a judge, the beautiful Latina is shown teaching how to dance the successful song that she sang next to the black Eyed Peasand that even became a challenge that everyone danced to.

A few months later, as a judge on Dancing With Myself alongside Nick Jonas Y liz koshyFinally Shakira revealed the secret of his steps, in a very nice way using “Spanglish”, and showed one by one his hot movements in tight latex leggings copper color.

They say that divorce rejuvenates women, and after the pain that they inevitably suffer, they rise from the ashes more beautiful, gorgeous and empowered than ever.

This was demonstrated by our beautiful Shakirawho wore the tight leggings that marked her hips, and that she combined with a matching top and a bullfighter-type sweater, which revealed her marked abdomen and outlined waist.

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Just one day before, the 45-year-old Colombian, interpreter of songs like Hips Don’t Lie Y Blind, deaf-speechless caused a sensation by showing off his best salsa moves alongside fellow ex-Jonas Brothers member Nick Jonas in a fiery fire-print outfit.

Shakira announced her separation from the father of her children Milan Y Sasha Pique Mebarak, Gerard Piquéwith whom he lived in a free union for 12 years, due to alleged infidelity, although the reasons have not yet been confirmed.

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Despite the scandal that originated with the news worldwide, the author of Barefoot He has not stopped working, putting his recent song at number one Congratulationswho sings along with Raww Alexanderand that, it is said, is a dedication to his now ex-partner.

In addition, he recently released his new song in collaboration with David Guetta and the Black Eyed Peas, Don’t You Worry, without forgetting her outstanding participation in Dancing With Myself, and of course, becoming the most coveted bachelorette of the show, with supposed suitors of the stature of henry cavill and even the handsome Chris Evans.

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