Shakira escapes with her children to the desert for Christmas

    It is clear that 2022 has not been an easy year for Shakira. The break with Piqué put the singer in the center of the media eye since, from what we have been able to learn, it was not exactly a friendly separation due to the infidelity of the footballer with what is now his girlfriend, Clara Chía Martí . The ex-partner has waged a legal battle for the custody of her children, although, for the moment, she will take them to Miami, the place where she intends to continue taking off her musical career. In addition, to all this, we must add the problems that Shakira has had with the Public Administration for alleged tax crimes.

    Despite the adversities, the singer did not want to lose hope for the Christmas and has flown with their two children, Milan and Sasha, 9 and 7 years old respectively, to Dubai. Since the desert of the United Arab Emirates, The Colombian has published a photo with her children as a Christmas greeting, thanking the three of them for the support they have received in the last year: “In the desert this Christmas, in search of serenity. In the desert this Christmas, in search of serenity”, wrote Shakira.

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    Now, the singer has been involved in another custody dispute with Piqué. And it is that, it turns out that the school year in Miami begins on January 5, a very important date in Spain for Three Kings Day, so the footballer wants them to stay here with him. At the moment, it is not known how things will end up, what is certain is that Milan and Sasha will spend New Year’s Eve with their father.