Shakira feels pressured and betrayed by everyone: the singer takes away Piqué’s mother, Montserrat Bernabeu, and they no longer speak to each other | People | Entertainment

The appearance in the Family Court in Barcelona was for Shakira the end of a dispute with Gerard Piqué, who kept her in a negotiation that represented wear and tear on the singer. And when the time came, there were no looks or exchange of words between them or with her mother, Montserrat Bernabeu.

After 12 years, everything was reduced to the signing of an agreement that establishes the custody conditions of her children, Milan and Sasha, and the decision that the artist can leave for Miami, the continent with which she will land for good. half with the father of her children.

For the interpreter of “Monotonía” she broke up not only with the soccer player, but also with her family, since her relationship with her ex-partner’s parents is no longer the same.

Shakira takes away Piqué’s mother from speaking

On December 1, it was the last date for Piqué and Shakira. It was the end of a story that no one expected would culminate in a separation, and in the most absolute coldness came the moment in which each one arrived separately to sign the friendly agreement.

Always accompanied by her inseparable brother, the Colombian singer did not say a word on that date, but at the end another moment of mandatory sharing awaited them, since they had an activity at Sasha’s school.

Once again Tonino was his sister’s companion, while the former soccer player was with his mother, Montserrat Bernabeu, who is always present at the best moments that her son has to share with his grandchildren.

According to the El portal, at the school’s Christmas ceremony, each one sat at one end, and without speaking to each other, they spent the moment for the well-being of the minor in the house.

“Shakira and Piqué have a very tense relationship,” commented Antonio Rossi from the Spanish Channel 5 program Socialité, where they spoke that the couple’s relatives no longer get along. The parents of the Catalan avoid the Colombian and vice versa.

Shakira feels betrayed by everyone. Piqué not only cheated on her with a young woman much younger than her, but according to the press, the former soccer player would have started the romance with Clara Chía, without ending with the one who was his wife and the mother of his children.

To complete this deception, the young Catalan already shares the best family moments with her new in-laws, and this acceptance is an affront to the artist, who took away Piqué’s parents from speaking.

Montserrat Bernabeu and Joan Piqué are no longer the couple that support the artist, and the friendship that united them for more than a decade remains in the past, since Shakira does not speak to them at the events they appear to see either. to their grandchildren.

Throughout the last Barcelona Baseball Championship, in which Milan participated, there was no communication between Montserrat and the singer, each one took their place and they were always distant, supporting the baseball passion of the firstborn of the Piqué-Mebarak.

The superstar’s departure to Miami will be in January, after the Three Kings Day celebration, after Piqué asked him to stay in Spain for Christmas, so that the children share with the paternal family. (AND)

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