Shakira found a sexual video on Gerard Piqué’s cell phone, says a source close to the couple | People | Entertainment

The separation of Shakira Y Gerard Piqué has brought to light several rumors about their relationship. The Colombian singer and the Spanish soccer player had been in an official relationship since 2011 and share two children, Milan and Sasha.

One of the reasons breaking off it is an alleged infidelity of Piqué with a model; however, other sources claim that the couple had an open relationship, data that the followers of both ignored.

Although Shakira released a statement asking for privacy about aspects of their relationship, that hasn’t stopped fan speculation of both celebrities. The Mexican media “TVNotas” contacted a source that remains anonymous to try to clarify the reasons for the separation.

According to this source, Shakira would have found a sexual recording on Piqué’s cell phone and this “not only shows that Gerard was unfaithful to him, but that he is very angry, because he is self-satisfied.”

Gerard Piqué’s defense: The player does not forgive Shakira for breaking the separation agreements and for third parties to air about the couple’s conflict

This statement is complemented by the statements that it was not the first time that the footballer was unfaithful to Shakira. Apparently, the singer already knew about some adventures that her boyfriend had with other women and she also found explicit photos that she sent them.

“Supposedly, Gerard also messed with nothing less than Pablo Gavi’s mother, although it’s just another rumor, but I don’t doubt it. It was also said that back in 2012, he had cheated on her with model Bar Refaeli, but she was also not checked, ”added the anonymous source.

The testimony published in “TVNotas” also refers to the singer’s previous relationship with the Argentine businessman, Antonio de la Rúa. “He (Piqué) has always been a womanizer and unfaithful, I don’t know what Shakira is scared of now, if she met him that way; he got between Antonio de la Rúa and her, and that cost Shakira a lot of money”.

“Since they met at the World Cup in South Africa, they had their first night together, since Antonio was in Argentina and their courtship began there; He was with both of them at the same time, so they lasted almost three months, until he left De la Rúa, but since she was his manager and they had properties together, they had to arrange everything with lawyers. Shortly after, Shak became pregnant, while Antonio met the one who is now his wife and the mother of his children, ”explained the source about the beginning of the relationship between Shakira and Piqué. (AND)