Shakira in brand new outfit dances “Blackmail” with Nick Jonas

The queen of hip movements Shakira for 3 weeks is being part of the jury of the new program launched by the television network NBCwhich is under the name of “Dancing With Myself“, where next to the quoted member of the Hermanos Jonas, Nick Jonas and the comedian liz koshy They are the faces of the dance contest.

Where a group of young people perform different dancer choreographies showing off their best movements, all inclined to the iconic Tik Tok platform, since from there various trends about dances of different musical genres go viral. The program is broadcast every Tuesday, and it is through the different social networks that certain advances are made known that fans can enjoy.

So this time from the Instagram account of the quoted Nick Jonas, shares an unforgettable moment that his fans will see, being a video where he dances one of the genres that they never believed he would dance, salsa, along with Shakira and especially to the rhythm of “Blackmail“, both celebrities show off their best dance steps.

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Blackmail“It is a hit that the 45-year-old Colombian interprets together with the compatriot reggaeton player Malumapigeonholed in the reggaeton genre, released in October 2016, only this would be another version, in a genre more attached to salsa, so that the movements are more passionate.

Shakira He would ask the singer if he danced salsa, to which he replies that sometimes, “I want to see your movements.” Having said that, they would both leave their seats to shine the stage with the background song, the interpreter of “that you stay with me“He would show off in a brand new outfit that suited him wonderfully, being a full suit with fiery print, from his jacket to his boots.

Shakira in brand new outfit dances “Blackmail” with Nick Jonas, photo: instagram

A complete outfit, her boots and her clothes would have a dark background that would highlight the flames she would have, her tousled hair loose and arranged on the side, very much in the style of the Colombian, offering an incredible show before all the spectators. After they finish dancing, very surprised, she asks Nick:

“Are you sure you’re from Jersey and not Colombia?”

Implying that he did it in a spectacular way, his fans in the comments section had the same opinion, he received all kinds of compliments from them.

BY CLICKING HERE you can see the dance between Shakira Y Nick Jonas.

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