Shakira is furious with Piqué for showing Milan on video

Although the fans hoped that the tensions between the Colombian Shakira and the former footballer Gerard Piqué decrease in this new year, it seems that this is far from being achieved, and recently the singer He was enraged with the Spanish for having shown his eldest son Milan, in a promotion talk without his consent.

The details of the new conflict that the former couple would be going through, now consists of the participation of one of their children in a Twitch program that was carried out by the former Barcelona player.

Shakira is furious with Piqué for showing her son Milan in promotion without consent.

Milan’s participation in a promotional talk for the league organized by Gerard Piqué and which bears the name ‘kings league‘He managed to attract attention due to the charisma and friendliness of the little boy, who in a few seconds won over all the viewers with his words.

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Although the visit of the eldest son of the Spaniard was very well received and managed to make everyone present smile, it seems that Shakira did not take it very welland now it is enraged with Gerard Piqué for showing his son Milan in promotion without asking for your consent.

This information was released by sources close to the singer, who mentioned that at no time was the Colombian consulted about her son’s participation in Piqué’s league.

Shakira is furious with Piqué for showing her son Milan in promotion without consent.

“Sources from Shakira’s environment say that the singer in no case gave her prior consent or was consulted about the participation of her son Milan in the broadcast of an event by Gerard Piqué’s company, in a discussion of adult content.”

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According to what was mentioned by the former soccer player, little Milan was not considered for the transmission of the video, however, it was he himself who wanted to appear in it, “It is not the ad, my son is not the ad. We have put him here because at the last minute he wanted to go out“, he commented.

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