Shakira renews energy with Milan and Sasha: The Colombian artist sends a lapidary message in the midst of the most convulsed Christmas before the break with Piqué | People | Entertainment

everything he says and does Shakira continues to cause controversy in the Spanish media. The Colombian singer took a new breath in the midst of her scandalous break with Piqué, when traveling outside of Spain to a faraway destination: Dubai. From that country, she shared a photo with her children that went viral and with which she confirms that she is still affected.

The Latin superstar planned a getaway with her offspring in what will be the last trip before leaving Barcelona, ​​bound for Miami, her new residence after reaching an agreement with the Barcelona player, who agreed to allow her children to live abroad. from Spain.

The interpreter of “Monotonía” had gone to rest in Cantabria, where she surfed with her offspring and her coach friend, in a meeting that caused controversy when she was designated as her new boyfriend, which caused the artist’s disgust and she decided to send a statement to the media denying everything.

This is how Shakira enjoys in Dubai with her children “seeking tranquility”

Shakira wanted to live a few days out of the reach of the paparazzi and left Barcelona for the United Arab Emirates, in the company of her two little ones, Milan and Sasha, Hola magazine specified.

The one born in Barranquilla lives the end of a year full of ups and downs, when facing the break with Gerard Piqué, after 12 years of a relationship in which everyone thought they were a consolidated and stable couple in the world of entertainment.

From her Instagram account, Shakira shared a photo with which she surprised more than one with a family pose, surrounded by an immense desert with dunes and an imposing falcon trained on her forearm.

And although the photo earned her criticism from some Internet users for consenting to the “animal exploitation” of a bird in captivity, the singer sent a lapidary message reflecting on what her life has been like in recent months.

The singer made it known that she was in Dubai, on a vacation retreat that puts a parenthesis on what her troubled life has become, after experiencing one of the most mediatic separations in show business in recent times.

“In the desert looking for serenity this Christmas,” Shakira wrote in the publication in which her children are seen wearing white turbans typical of the clothing of the inhabitants of that Middle Eastern country.

With this lapidary declaration, the pop music interpreter reflects that she needs to find the spiritual peace that the conflict with her ex-partner stole from her and that put the lives of her entire family, the emotional stability of her children, in her sights, as she was the target of hundreds of paparazzi looking for a photograph of the artist.

In the photo, Milan was seen completing his look in a white tunic, while his little brother wore a white T-shirt with sweatpants.

Shakira only chose to protect herself from the sun with a blanket in a neutral color with which she wrapped her head, in the middle of a completely clear sky.

Controversy over vacation dates with Piqué

The recently signed friendly agreement signed between Shakira and Gerard brought controversy with the photo posted by the artist, because she recalled that the vacation dates that the children will enjoy with their father, as part of the negotiations they reached to be able to change their residence , detailed La Vanguardia.

The place of idyllic significance, is for Shakira as a refuge from her days of dispute with Piqué, who abandoned her after being unfaithful with Clara Chía, a Catalan of only 23 years.

According to what is known in the separation agreement that was signed on December 1 in a family court in Barcelona, ​​the days of holiday at the end of the year and before the celebration of Three Wise Men corresponded to being with Piqué, which was highlighted by the media in most Spanish publications.

The school season begins in Miami, in the United States, on January 5, 2023, so it is said that the owner of Kosmos will lose a few days of those already established with his children.

For this reason, it is said that this could have brought a new impasse between the ex-partner, if Shakira unilaterally breached the agreement that is already official under Spanish law. (AND)

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