Shakira repents and pardons Piqué on his birthday: the Colombian suspends the premiere of the song in collaboration with Karol G and will not release it on February 2 | People | Entertainment

The “revenge” of Shakira against Pique it will continue after his song “BZRP Music Sessions #53″. The media let it be known that the talent of the two most successful Colombians would finally come together for the first time and the one that came forward to give a clue was Carol wearing a shirt with the phrase “It was big on you.”

And although everyone assured that the Colombian would not have any remorse for spoiling Piqué’s birthday, and that her new single would come out on February 2, it will not be like that. The millions of fans will have to keep waiting to see what the two international superstars bring.

To all the rumors that circulated, the company Sony Music joined, a record company that confirmed that indeed the two interpreters are working on a new production of which nothing of its lyrics or its title is yet known.

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Shakira forgives Piqué and postpones the premiere of her new song with Karol G

The union of Shakira and the Argentine producer broke records in the recording industry, a success that the interpreter of “Te Felicito” celebrated in a big way in her mansion and through her networks, always thanking her millions of followers.

While the song is the obligatory theme in show business, new rumors were spreading about what the Barranquillera was preparing for her ex, a letter that would come full of more downloads and the spite with which she continues to bill millions of dollars.

But, the verse that will follow the song that became a world anthem for millions of women, will not be released on February 2, as the tabloids had assured, coinciding with the birthday of Gerard Piqué and Shakira herself. The former couple were born on the same day, with a difference of 10 years.

The OK Diario portal indicated this, noting that sources from the record company reported that the premiere will have to wait, a moment about which there are no more details.

The clarification comes after the media had assured that the singer intended to release the song as a “gift” for Piqué in his day, especially after the former soccer player decided to publish the first photo with his new girlfriend. Clara Chia.

Added to the strong rumors that highlighted the collaboration of the music divas was the statement by the renowned Spanish presenter of Telecinco, Nuria Marín, who assured that the song would be released on February 2.

“What a gift,” said the host of “Socialité” at that time, referring to the discharge that awaited Gerard, noting that with this collaboration Shakira would close her “cycle of spite” with a fourth song, with which she would take it out on the father of her children for her deceit and betrayal.

Now, the reporter in a TikTok video reported on the change of plans of the two Latin artists, and said at the last moment that the song with Bizarrap has a lot to gain, which is why the other premiere with Karol G was postponed, which will unite with Romeo Santos this February 2. (AND)

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