Shakira was silenced in a video by Gerard Piqué’s mother, Montserrat Bernabéu

As if that were not enough, after all the commotion over the breakup, Gerard Piqué’s new partner, the dispute over the custody of the children, the satires by networks, the song of the Barranquillera with Bizarrap, comes a new controversial topic: the bad relationship that the singer had with her ex-mother-in-law.

Although it is true, in Colombian culture there is a humorous myth that mothers-in-law never get along with their daughters-in-law. Every time, media cases like these leave it for granted that it can be true.

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These days, Shakira, Piqué and Clara Chía have been in the white spot of the paparazzi, observing each one’s every wrong move. However, the video that has been taken on social networks in recent days is from when this iconic couple was still in a relationship. In it you can see how Monserrat, the mother of the former athlete and now businessman, treats her in a grotesque and aggressive way.

In the clip, which apparently, according to some versions, was recorded in the middle of a sports establishment. In it you can see Shakira, Piqué and Montserrat having a conversation; however, it is perceived that he scolds her or calls her attention, he even violently grabs her face and proceeds to make a gesture with his finger. She signaled for her to shut up. All this happened in the presence of the ex-soccer player who decides to look in different directions and not get into the unpleasant situation.

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According to a local media, this heated situation would have taken place because the artist attended a basketball game without a bra, which Piqué did not like. Apparently, Monserrat, seeing her son’s displeasure, forced the Barranquilla woman to put on a jacket.

As expected, the video, although it was taken at another time in the past, has gained strength again and even more so now that the couple is no longer together. For their part, Internet users do not stop commenting and satirizing the Spanish family.