Shakira wears sandals with socks and her fans call her “fodonga”

Shakira He wears sandals with socks and his fans call him “fodonga”. The Colombian singer is in the eye of the hurricane after being caught combining some clothes that within the world of fashion indicate bad taste; at least that perception was held for years.

However, at present it seems that it is in full swing, because some artists also opt for this fashion, such as Aislinn Derbez, although her fans also called her “chilindrina” for wearing these clothes.

Now it was the case Shakira who was captured next to her children Milan and Sasha, while enjoying her vacation in Rome, but what drew attention is that Gerard Piqué’s ex-partner wore socks with sandals.

In the image it can be seen that the Latin star wore a white cap with details in light blue, as well as an expensive Balenciaga bag white. On top of her she wore an orange jacket and although her hair was up, she looked disheveled.

She was also criticized for wearing baggy sports pants. The truth is that she combined the blue socks with her cap, while her sandals stole the reflectors since they were platform. Although the star looked comfortable and was traveling, Her fans did not forgive her outfit.

Immediately, her followers were surprised that the 45-year-old artist wore this combination of clothes, so they made suggestions: “You should seek advice to dressbecause lately it is going in any way”, others told him that he looked very “fodonga”.

“Those super ugly clothes, but the shoes are horrible horror”, Was another of the comments about Shakira’s bad fashion style; They also wrote to her “oh no, Shakira, sandals with stockings”, “she has never known how to dress well, she has no taste, I have rarely seen her with a nice outfit, luckily she has your great body that helps her”.

There were also those who said that surely he had neglected after separating from Piqué, with whom she had a relationship of more than 12 years: “now I do think she is very affected”, “no matter how simple it is, she should dress like this and it even seems that they will look big on her. Oh no, what bad taste”.

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