Shakira would be furious with Piqué for removing her son in a video from Twitch; video

In the last few hours, a new controversy broke out between the Colombian singer and the former soccer player due to a live broadcast made on the Twitch platform in which one of the couple’s children appeared, who would have had a strong discussion before the end of year.

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Everything was related to the ‘Kings League’, a football tournament promoted by the former Spanish player and of which several content creators and former Spanish soccer players are part.

To talk about the championship, Gerard Piqué and some ‘influencers’ organized a live this Friday, in which, to the surprise of many, Milan made his appearance, son of the retired player and singer from Barranquilla.

Shakira would be angry with Piqué for Twitch transmission

Although the under 9-year-old participated actively and spoke as one of the panelists, even surprising with his performance in front of the cameras, everything seems to indicate that the interpreter of ‘Waka Waka’, ‘Rabiosa’ and ‘I congratulate you’ did not welcome her appearance, and even more so that his face has not been pixelated.

As Piqué himself explained live, the departure of Milan – which gave Shakira a hard time – was not in the plans, but he insisted that they let him appear in the video.

“It is not the ad, my son is not the ad. We have put him here because at the last minute he wanted to leave ”, Piqué mentioned at the time.

Here, the Socialité report on what happened:

However, since it is adult content, well at certain times some rudeness was heard, The Colombian singer was not amused to see her firstborn in front of the microphones.

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This was announced by the artist’s communication office, quoted by Hola magazine, which assured that at no time was there any authorization for the child to appear in a broadcast.

“Sources from Shakira’s environment assure that the singer in no case gave her prior consent or was consulted about the participation of her son Milan in the broadcast of an event by Gerard Piqué’s company, in a discussion of adult content,” they affirmed, according to the aforementioned medium.