Shakira would have removed more spicy phrases from her ‘tiradera’ with Bizarrap to avoid trouble with Piqué

Shakira and Bizarrap broke it in the music industry with the launch of their collaboration, which had forceful and radical lyrics to refer to details of the Barranquillera’s personal life. This success occupied a great place on digital platforms, to the point of being a trend for several days.

However, despite the voice of the Colombian and the sounds of the Argentine, a key piece in the final result of this idea was Keityn, the renowned Colombian artist who merged his talent with that of his colleagues. The paisa was essential to unite the pieces in the lyrics, fitting the exact terms and words for the ‘tiradera’.

keityn and bizarrap in the studio Photo: instagram @keityn
keityn and bizarrap in the studio Photo: instagram @keityn – Photo: Photo: instagram @keityn and @shakira

In the middle of an interview that the composer gave to Mollust TV, took the opportunity to recount a bit of the creative process that was carried out with this song, pointing out that it took time and several weeks of analysis. The singer also commented that his work joined with that of the Argentine to bring ideas to Shakira, who had already planted what she wanted to project.

“I arrived in Barcelona, ​​to a hotel where Biza was, which had a kind of studio. We met to create a couple of ideas, to reach Shakira the next day with an idea started. Shakira had already thrown me before that she wanted to talk about this, about that, so she already had something skulled“, Keityn said in the dialogue, adding that he could not take the credits alone: ​​”Between Shakira and I it was like ping-pong, she and I, I can’t take credit alone.”

The urban artist, who has also worked with Karol G, assured that there were two versions of this theme, but the second was the one that was chosen, due to all the details that made it up. Keityn clarified that the tracks and sounds changed, achieving a perfect balance in what was sought.

Animation of the video Bzrp Music Sessions #53.
Animation of the video Bzrp Music Sessions #53. – Photo: YouTube Bizarrap Screenshot

“There are two versions, but one was chosen. What was the first version? What was it like?” Asked the interviewer, to which the Colombian said: “I don’t remember, I didn’t have the same clue. With Biza we didn’t know how to reach her, because she is a very versatile woman ”.

“This song is an anthem for women in 2023,” added the presenter of Mollusk TVwhere he also asked if the Colombian had come up with plans to shoot Piqué or just found the means to express what he felt inside.

Shakira will always sing to you what she feels. Shakira is a woman who is not like any other artist who releases songs without feeling, she has to feel it or experience it. I think that’s the basis of everything. At that particular moment, the ‘mood’ was in it, in spite”, commented the composer, adding that “this is the first song that I compose with her after what happened”.

"slingshot" Shakira against Piqué.
Shakira’s “Tiradera” against Piqué. – Photo: Video from Youtube Bizarrap and taken from Instagram @3gerardpique

However, the curious thing about the dialogue was that Keityn pointed out that there were changes that were made, which would help to avoid future problems, either with Gerard Piqué or legally, as he mentions. Third. The talented artist revealed that there was a change, specifying that the term that would be implemented would be: ‘splash’.

I came up with a similar idea, it said: That chili pepper lacks more heat, I said that, but we decided to change it to ‘sorry for the saltiness’”, he mentioned

“We spent two weeks out there with Biza, calling each other daily, with Shakira pulling… thinking about: ‘we can’t say this, let’s change this.’ There were things, I don’t know if stronger, but less concrete like the ones that are there. It was like: ‘well, let’s change this because later this can happen’, I don’t want to go into detail about the return, but yes”, he added, keeping silent so as not to go into more complex terrain.

Finally, by emphasizing Clara Chía, the composer and singer revealed that Shakira was the mastermind of this line of the song, so he fully understood that it was about talent and work on music. The man from Antioquia defended his colleague and assured that he was fulfilling his profession by presenting these issues.

Clara Chia Marti and Shakira
Clara Chia Marti and Shakira – Photo: Screenshot Europa Press – Instagram @shakira

“That was Shakira’s initial idea, the idea came from my girl. I say that everyone mourns her as they want. I totally agree and she is putting out music,” she said.