Shakira’s children cry when separating from their mother

Milan and Sasha returned from Dubai to say goodbye to 2022 with Gerard Piqué and the Spanish media revealed that they cried when they separated from Shakira and released details about their shocking farewell on New Year’s Eve.

Shakira celebrated Christmas with her children in Dubai, away from media harassment and looking for “serenity” in the desert, but on December 30 they returned to Barcelona because Milan and Sasha It was their turn to say goodbye to 2022 with Gerad Piqué.

The Spanish journalists, Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez, owners of the “Mamarazzis” podcast, reported that a source close to the ex-partner assured that on December 31 Milan and Sasha they were at a New Year’s Eve party with their father and their father’s family.

shocking farewell

The Spanish media captured when the 35-year-old former soccer player picked up his children at the mansion of the Barranquilla interpreter and a reporter from the “Telecinco” chain confessed that Sasha cried inconsolably at having to part with her mother.

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Marc Leirado Millán recounted through his social networks that Shakira spent the whole afternoon playing with her children in the garden waiting for the former FC Barcelona player to come pick them up, but that his farewell was really moving.

“Something happened that touched my soul. All day waiting for Piqué to arrive to take the children, since these 10 days they are with him. Shakira spent the whole afternoon playing with the little ones in the garden of the house waiting for the arrival of the former soccer player”.

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The Spanish journalist narrated that when Gerard Piqué arrived at the mansion to pick up his children, witnessed one of the most shocking farewells and that he was able to hear Sasha’s heartbreaking cry and the tender words with which Shakira reassured him.

“But the time came and I heard the harsh farewell of Shakira and her young son who was crying and yelling: ‘Mommy’ as they headed to the garage to leave. And Shakira from the other side of the garden shouted: ‘Calm down, see you soon'” .

Marc Leirado Millán explained that Milan and Sasha re-entered the mansion and spent a while longer with the singer from Barranquilla, Colombia, and that 30 minutes later, the ex-Blaugrana defender left in his car with his two children.

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