Shakira’s cousin “burns” Piqué’s puppet on New Year’s: this is the doll that the Colombian actress created with the face of the former soccer player and dressed in the Barcelona shirt | People | Entertainment

2022 left many without flavors for Shakira and his family and friends were his greatest supports, after the break with Gerard Piquéwho cheated on her with the 23-year-old girl, Clara Chia Marti. And in an act of solidarity, her charismatic cousin, Valerie Domínguez, shared how she created a figure just like the soccer player to recreate the New Year’s Eve tradition.

The young Colombian is known for her acting talent and for being one of the most charismatic television presenters in the New Granada country. Also an influencer, she showed how the family supports the superstar in the bad moment she is experiencing because of the way the Spaniard decided to put an end to the love story that left two children behind.

Although some doubt it, the 41-year-old from Barranquilla herself spoke of the relationship she has with the interpreter of “Te Felicito” when she participated in a reality show in her country. She then confirmed it herself, saying that she is Shakira’s cousin (in the second degree). The artist’s father is the uncle of the ex-beauty queen’s father, who won the crown of Miss Colombia in 2005.

Valerie Domínguez, Shakira’s cousin, burns a Pique puppet on New Year’s

Christmas traditions are maintained in many South American countries. And in the home of Valerie Domínguez she fulfilled herself in a very special way, by creating the New Year’s Eve doll alluding to Piqué, the ex-husband of her cousin Shakira’s, detailed People in Spanish.

The idea brought many comments to the model, who from her Instagram account showed the puppet designed as part of Colombian customs to say goodbye to the old year, which is burned as a sign of eliminating all the bad things in that time lived.

For the Mebarack family, the name of Gerard Piqué represented bad times in 2022, and as a sign of brotherhood and total solidarity, Valerie Domínguez chose that character from the world of sports and entertainment as the doll to be burned in her home to ward off “the bad vibes”.

“Happy year to all! Here we receive the year with all the attitude. And let 2023 begin,” Domínguez wrote in the legend of the publication, in which a video was seen with the doll dressed in the FC Barcelona uniform and a photo of Piqué’s face, sitting on a chair.

The creativity of Shakira’s family earned the attention of the actress’s followers, who expressed their total pleasure in agreeing with the figure chosen for the New Year’s Eve puppet.

The video surprised many netizens who did not stop commenting on what they saw, causing laughter and unleashing everyone’s good humor.

“No one messes with Shakira”, “The old year is the best, it’s a pity there is no video of the burning”, “What a laugh, just as watery as Piqué”, “Hahahaha Piqué burned and dismembered, as it should be”, “That Piqué was already afraid of the costeñas”, “He is not even a doll”, “Clarita was missing”, “Well burned”, “Nobody messes with the cousin, yes or no Vale”, are some of the messages that Valerie received for the original idea she had to say goodbye to 2022. (AND)

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