Shakira’s reflective message to the presenter who said that her song “exorcises pain”

Erika de la Vega, a Venezuelan presenter, gave her opinion on the topic that has been a trend in recent days, Shakira’s song with Bizarrap where she described the situation she experienced with her ex-partner Gerard Piqué.

Shakira and Pique
Shakira and Piqué announced their separation in June 2022 – Photo: WireImage

The woman confessed that when she listened to this musical single, she felt more confident to speak in her own defense and thanked the Barranquillera for demonstrating it through her lyrics.

Through her Instagram account, Erika de la Vega shared a post who revealed how Shakira’s song helped her exorcise pain.

“Songs like Shakira’s help exorcise pain. Who knows how many fibroids will never exist because of this song.”he said in his post. The Venezuelan also told her more than 3.4 million followers that her music has helped her through the years to overcome the separation of her parents during her adolescence.

“Thank you Shakira, I was 16 years old when my dad and my mom finally separated (…) My mom cried seas. She cried non-stop, ”said the image of the presenter.

Then he added, “it was clear to me that my role those years was to help her pass that bitter pill of life” and continued “yesterday I called her to ask her what she thought about Shakira’s song, without hesitation she replied: ‘I thought it was stellar. I wish I had sung it and sent everything to hell. I would have shoved it up your dad’s forehead.’”

Finally, his publication closes with fibroids, a disease that his mother had, and also those that develop due to the stress that a person experiences for one reason or another. He said that the lyrics of musical hits like Shakira’s help release those charges and energies.

Shakira was not indifferent to the presenter’s publication and responded through her Instagram account. “Thank you @erikadlvoficial great article. You leave me with a lot to think about. A big hug for you and your mother”.

Piqué did ask Shakira for reconciliation and this would be the proof

BZRP’s 53rd session with Shakira became a worldwide musical phenomenon. The song currently has more than 162 million views in eight days and it’s still going up.

In the last few hours, a rumor has gained quite a lot of strength, after it became known that apparently because of a phrase from the song, Clara Chía had left the athlete’s house to go with her parents.

According to a well-known Spanish paparazzi, Jordi Martin, he revealed information about the breakup of the relationship. Apparently, Piqué would have looked for Shakira after their first separation, in April 2022. But the woman from Barranquilla did not want to forgive him, making it very clear when she says in her most recent song: “I am not going back with you, not even if I don’t cry, don’t beg me.”

“We have had access to accurate information from a person from Shakira’s direct environment, who assures us that last April is the date they ended their relationship, but a month later, Gerard, still with Clarita, regrets having left Shakira and decides to try again, but in that attempt it didn’t work out and that’s when they decide to end it completely”, explained the paparazzi in the program ‘El gordo y la flaca’.

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía would have started their sentimental relationship for more than a year
Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía would have started their sentimental relationship for more than a year – Photo: Instagram: Jordi Martin

Shakira and Piqué had not broken up when the collaboration with BZRP was recorded

An interview has come to light in which one of the composers of the most recent song of BZRP session 53, Keityn. The Colombian, in an interview with Molusco TV, gave some details of the preparation of the song.

“The lyrics were Shakira and me. She told me I want this and ‘pin’ came out alone […] But Shakira was clear that she wanted her to have her stamp,” he explained.

He also maintained that while the song was being composed, the ex-partner had not yet terminated their relationship. Since she was aware that the soccer player had her affair with Clara and that is why her marriage was over.

“We were three days at Shakira’s house. I left Barcelona and we had not finished the lyrics. Two weeks changing ‘Biza’ and me, and Shakira saying ‘we can’t say this’. We remove strong, less concrete things”.

Shakira is the new guest at the Bizarrap sessions.  Photo: Twitter @bizarrap.
Shakira was the guest at the Bizarrap sessions. Photo: Twitter @bizarrap. – Photo: Photo: Twitter @bizarrap.