Sharon Osbourne reports on nasty beauty intervention

Updated on 4/26/2022 at 5:08 p.m

  • Sharon Osbourne makes no secret of her numerous beauty procedures.
  • Now the 69-year-old reported about a nasty facelift that she recently did.
  • She looked “like a cyclops” afterwards.

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It’s no secret that Sharon Osbourne has gone under the knife several times. The 69-year-old is open about her numerous cosmetic procedures. In an interview with the British newspaper “The Sunday Times”, the wife of rock musician Ozzy Osbourne now reports on a recent facelift after she looked “terrible”.

“I had a full facelift in October and I looked like one of those damn mummies they wrap in bandages,” quotes “Today” from the interview. She had “hellish pain”. “You have no idea.”

“I looked like a cyclops”

The procedure lasted about five and a half hours and the results were far from satisfactory. “It was awful,” Osbourne recalled. She said to the surgeon: “You’re probably kidding me.”

One eye was different from the other and she looked “like a cyclops,” Osbourne said. “I thought: all that’s missing now is a hump.” Her husband Ozzy, to whom she has been married since 1982, was also shocked: “He said: ‘Whatever the cost, we’ll have it done again’,” says Sharon Osbourne. Her face is said to have recovered in the meantime and she is happy with her appearance.
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