Sharp criticism of Heidi Klum – ProSieben responds to fan complaints

Heidi Klum sorted this week "GNTM" one of the viewers' top favourites.

Heidi Klum sorted out one of the viewers’ top favorites on “GNTM” this week. Image: dpa / Kay Blake

In the current “GNTM” episode on ProSieben, one of the candidates had to say goodbye again. The decision of who has to leave the now 17th season was particularly important this time, after all it was about entering this year’s top 10. In the episode, alongside Heidi Klum, the models had to convince the strict photographer Yu Tsai during a shoot on a trampoline. Later, fashion designer Peter Dundas was also a guest judge.

During the shoot in particular, it quickly became clear how difficult the task must have been for the remaining candidates: Previous favorites like Noëlla struggled with the task, and Anita couldn’t do the photographer justice either. Yu Tsai scolded, “I can’t watch anymore. It’s embarrassing.” Candidate Vanessa, who probably got the most drastic makeover from Heidi this year by cutting her hair to chin length and dyeing it green, couldn’t shine either.

Nevertheless, for many viewers, precisely because of the new style, she was one of the top contenders for the top ten, if not for the “GNTM” victory. But when she then also made a faux pas during the decision walk, it was suddenly over for her and she had to go. However, the fans cannot understand it at all and rant so much on social media that the production had to get involved in the discussion about their expulsion.

Vanessa’s “GNTM” sacking is incomprehensible to the fans

In the end it was decided between Anita, Noëlla and Vanessa. It was not the first time that the former was a shaky candidate who had to tremble for her advancement in the casting show. The fact that Heidi still decided against Vanessa because she held her designer dress on the walk came on official Instagram account of “GNTM” not good at: “Just unfair. Vanessa always delivered”one commentator is convinced, another user adds:

“Worst decision of the entire season.”

In the eyes of the audience, Anita was also much weaker in the current episode, but the fans are also bothered by the entry of the best ager Lieselotte into the top 10: “And Lieselotte is further… who doesn’t even mean it seriously!” , some commentators went on to rage. “And worse things keep coming? Vanessa was every show a thousand times better than some others and always tried so hard for everything. It’s really a shame for her and not fair.”was another conclusion.

ProSieben takes a position on the show exit

Almost 2,000 comments trickled in under the post revealing who had to go within hours of the show. Apparently too much displeasure with Heidi’s decision for ProSieben. In the meantime, two statements from the production can also be read in the comments, which are apparently intended to appease. First it said:

“Dear fans, Vanessa’s competitors were simply stronger this week and therefore deserved a place in the top 10 more.”

The broadcaster further explained: “The cards at ‘GNTM’ are reshuffled week after week. Week after week, the models have to convince top model Heidi Klum. Unfortunately, Vanessa did not succeed this week.”

Martina, Lieselotte and Barbara are among the best agers "GNTM".

Martina, Lieselotte and Barbara are among the best agers on “GNTM”.Image: ProSieben / Germany’s next top fashion

Despite the statements, there is still a lack of understanding about Vanessa’s expulsion. But at least it is clear that this will not have any influence on the further course of the season. As the chief juror, Heidi Klum has never given up the decision as to who gets kicked out and who becomes “Germany’s next top model”.

But it will remain exciting first and foremost how far the 66-year-old Lieselotte will get, who has actually not been able to convince Heidi with her walks for weeks. There was already displeasure among the viewers that she had progressed instead of Barbara, who is 68 years old. In contrast to Lieselotte, she made it into the show’s opening credits and even got a casting job.