She confides in her life after her breast cancer

It was at the end of 2019 that Alice Detollenaere learned of the existence of her breast cancer. In January 2020, she underwent a first mastectomy, that is to say a removal of the breast. But then she learns that she carries an altered gene and therefore breast cancer could affect her second breast. As a precaution, she therefore underwent a second removal of the breast. Which is reminiscent of the two mastectomies Angelina Jolie had also done. Today, it is in an Instagram video that the companion of Camille Lacourt has decided to confide. Indeed, faced with questions from her fans, the pretty Alice preferred to make an explanatory video in which she speaks openly about her double mastectomy and the consequences on her daily life. ” What we don’t know scares us. The more we communicate about the preventive ablation of the mammary glands, the more it will become a trivialized act. writes Alice Detollenaere. And we can only admire this fighter!

“What will really change? » announces Alice Detollenaere

First of all ” loss of feeling“, explains Alice, then she goes on to talk about the movements that change, the skin that needs to be taken care of even more and the fear of losing your femininity. To end with the most important message, what will change is “our serenity”


Because yes, as Alice Detollenaere points out, you have to see this experience “ through the prism of luck“, that of not falling ill again. Fans of the former Miss were quick to react. We can read in the comments: I love you ! Talking about it is a blessing for all the girls who will one day face this disease.“, “ thank you for your testimonial ” or ” Cheer @alice_deto your words are sincere and impactful, with accuracy and gentleness