She confides in her separation from Mister Tahiti

Married for several years to Mickaël Fakaïlo, alias Mister Tahiti, Laurence Boccolini is now a single mother. 59 years old, she is the happy mother of a little Willow that she had with Mickaël. But although the 9-year-old granddaughter’s parents are separated, they are still on good terms for the sake of their child. But then what happened between them? The one who now animates Everyone wants to Take his Place, in place of Nagui confided in his separation. Indeed, Laurence Boccolini had been married since 2003 with Mister Tahiti! But nothing to do with love at first sight! As the presenter tells it, everything happened little by little and above all they had a common desire. ” We got married because we wanted to get married, we wanted children, so it was really a desire to have a family. And it was complicated” she confides.

Laurence Boccolini reveals the causes of her separation

And for her, the first reason for their separation is age. Indeed, Mickaël is 19 years younger than Laurence Boccolini and as she says: “ sometimes it passes, but you have to be honest, sometimes the paths separate. And it’s okay“. What is certain is that notoriety has nothing to do with this separation. Mickaël didn’t worry about it.


In any case, Laurence Boccolini is now single, but not unhappy! And she’s even ready to get married again! But be careful, this time he will also have to please his daughter! Because as she says: When you have a girl, you don’t accept just anyone in your life“.